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+ Young Africans at the heart of all we do

Right from the start Africans and young Africans in particular, have driven our thinking. Our next step will be to form our pan-African Youth panel.

+ Step by step mentality

Starting with Higher Education and working on a small number of themes we are building momentum to further increase our impact and broaden our reach.

+ High Engagement

We are building communities of interest such as educational leaders, researchers and funders and delivering real value to them in an engaging way. The launch of our website in Swahili, English and French being just one example.

+ Partnership Model

There is so much good work being done by others who share our vision that we see no value in duplicating it. We’re keen to learn from them and combine our insights and resources.

+ High impact mind set

Our choices and activities are driven by what will make the biggest impact. We know that our track record for delivery will determine our success and sustainability.

+ Cost efficient mindset

Our supporters, partners and funders have enabled us to keep costs low through secondments, pro-bono work and in other ways.

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Our current projects        

  • The African Education Research Database (AERD): created in cooperation with the REAL Centre at University of Cambridge, ESSA created the AERD containing over 3,000 items of relevant research from the continent, increasing the visibility and accessibility of African research and African researchers as well as identifying where more research is required

-   COLLATE: we want to produce hard compelling evidence to use to start developing pratical ways to help change, mapping the 100 providers of scholarships for sub-Saharan Africa students and create a set of KPIs for an effective scholarship programme. 

-   CREATE: we will create practical resources, including digital toolkits and learning resurces for students, funders and deliverers at all stages of the scholarship’s process.

-   COMMUNICATE: we will produce a range of multi-way communications and opportunities for those in the space to engage on both strategic and operational issues.

Next steps

Our current priorities are to:

  • Continue delivering high impact from our current work extending it into the broader Tertiary Education space.

  • Increase our capacity and capabilities as well as build additional partnerships in the broader Tertiary space.

  • Build and deliver OpenESSA, our digital resource platform, with our partner the Hasso Plattner Institute to maximise the value of the content we are creating.

  • Formally establish our pan-African youth panel and for its Chair to join the ESSA Board of trustees. 

  • Move some of our high potential seed projects to pilot phase (e.g. developing programmes for educational leaders).