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Welcome To ESSA

Thank you for your interest in joining ESSA - Education Sub Saharan Africa, a unique collaborative effort focusing on Tertiary Education and work in sub-Saharan Africa.

We are young, have an exciting mission and are growing fast, thanks to our range of high quality partners, funders and team.

At this stage, in addition to recruiting a number of programme managers based in Africa we are looking to boost our core capabilities, in order to drive significant growth in impact, by recruiting for the following full-time positions:

When ESSA started in 2016 we had a bold vision “To transform educational outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa”. We saw our contribution as being to “Join up, inform, inspire and increase impact for those investing in education in the region”. We began with an emphasis on Higher Education picking three projects to demonstrate what could be done.

We have been really fortunate with all three of these projects, which are funded by major foundations in the space, seeming to have hit the mark. The creation of the first free on-line searchable database of research done by Africans on Education is already helping to transform the accessibility and visibility of African research, as well as support evidence-based decision making. Our work on the “Demographics of faculty” in Ghana has highlighted the urgent need to boost faculty capacity in the country. Our fledgling Scholarship Impact Hub is provoking thought and discussion on the most effective models for scholarships.

On the back of recent funding success, 2019 sees us making the next step which is to deepen our focus from Higher Education to Tertiary more broadly and to concentrate that effort on the nexus between education and work. We will also now be basing parts of our team in three African countries and scaling up the work significantly.

Managing all of that will take a highly professional, dedicated and resilient team with an entrepreneurial mind set. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, the role excites you and you think you could make a significant contribution in helping us we’d be delighted to speak to you.


Olaf Hahn,

Founding Director

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